We expands our catalog with a full range of MS Adhesives and Silicones.

Nueva gama VBT MS y Siliconas
En VBT seguimos ampliando nuestra oferta de productos profesionales, adaptándonos a las necesidades de nuestros clientes y ampliando, esta vez, nuestra gama de adhesivos MS y siliconas.

We announce the launch of two new product ranges, expanding our offer of professional products in response to the needs of our customers. One will be a new range of MS adhesives and the other a range of silicones.

MS Polymer Hybrid adhesives combine the strength of polyurethane with the insulating properties of silicone, creating a product with high-performance adhesive capabilities that offers the benefits of both materials.

The range consists of three types of adhesives, aimed at different uses:

  • MS-TR: Transparent
  • MS-SF: Superfast Hight Track

The range of silicones is available in a variety of colours and properties to suit the needs of each application. All of the silicones are water-resistant and suitable for use on various materials, making them the ideal solution for the fixing and sealing of joints on a range of surfaces. What's more, all of the products are CE-marked.

  • Neutral Professional
  • Neutral SANITAR Professional
  • ACETIC SANITAR Universal

You can check our full range of chemical anchor here.